• Lifetime Membership


  • Annual Rank / Instructor Registration Certificate.   All ranks 1st Degree Black Belt level and higher are considered Instructors.  Our certificates are very high quality and professional looking.  Something that you would be very proud to display at home or at the office.


  • Registered School Certificate   For the black belt level and higher members who operate a school.


  • Association  Uniform Patch


  • Automatic inclusion in the association's Rank Advancement Program   Advancements are based upon merit.  You do not have to buy videos, recruit new members, or play financial politics.  Everything you need is automatically included in the low cost of annual registration.  The price of advancement does not go up the higher in rank you become.


  • Listed in the On-line Registry (If requested)  Not all members are listed.  To be listed in the on-line registry you must indicate "Yes" on the application form.


  • Association bumper sticker.


  • Automatic enrollment in the association's  Referral Executive Program.


The cost of annual registration for the ranks of 1st Degree Black Belts and above is: $99 US dollars

Free shipping and handling.

If you participate in our Referral Executive Program you can actually "MAKE MONEY" which in effect would make your registration "FREE"

PayPal accepted.






  • Student Practitioner  All ranks below 1st Degree Black Belt are considered "student" ranks.    Students can register themselves independently and receive national and international recognition instead of just being recognized by their school. 


  • New student rank registration cost: $29 US dollars per rank and Includes: Lifetime Membership, Rank Registration Certificate reflecting the rank the student is registering, association uniform patch, association bumper sticker, enrollment into the associations rank advancement program and enrollment into the association's Referral Executive Program.  



  • Association Uniform Patch Extra patches are  $10 US dollars per patch.


  • Replacement or Duplicate Certificates: $ 10 US dollars per certificate.   These are very nice if you should happen to lose your certificate or if you would like to display your certificate in more than one location.


  • Association bumper sticker: $ 9 US dollars each.


  • PayPal is accepted.
  • Free Shipping and Handling on all orders.











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